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Hello friends,

I saw a lot of people "donating" data perks. This is awesome and thanks Fizz for this option !

My question is how do you get them ? Is Fizz sending them to users? Based on what?

Thank you so much,

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  • Giantlaw
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    Good to know thank you

  • MathLaj
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    That's another beauty of Fizz. I'm here for a few months now, and I talk about Fizz to many of my friends, the price, the perks and all... but still noone will switch. :S

    I guess the same old idea of "stay with the big 3" if you want good service or calls not to drop or reliability is still strong. Even tough the network is exactly the same haha

  • Whizz
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    Hello cristi,

    The perks and upgrades are offered to our customers that have active plans.  
    According to your Fizz account level and the number of points you gather more rewards will be unlocked.
    Here you can find more information:
    Hope this helps.

    Have a lovely day,

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