Unable to install fizz... Is it common?

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Today the technician came to my new place, looked around, before declaring I didn't have the necessary cable to install Fizz. Then he went to look outside for a box and mentioned that the only way i could get internet was that i should connect that outside box to the inside of the house by drilling a hole in-between the outside and inside wall. Then he sort of mentioned that the cable could only as far as staying in the closest room to the box which is my flatmate's bedroom.... So not the best place to have a modem.

Is that common?

From what I understand, fizz uses a videotron coaxial cable. Therefore does that mean that if the apartment is a bit old like mine, it's impossible to have internet with fizz? (except ny drilling a hole to outside)

There is for sure telephone sort of holes in the apartment. Is that absolutely impossible to connect fizz with the telephone line?

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    Hi Ambl,

    Iunderstand and I'm sorry to learn about the inconvenience.

    I cannot see your entire message here as it cuts out after your mentioned the fact that you were told by the technician that you need to connect the outside box to the inside of the house by drilling a hole.

    Indeed, some installations require an additional coaxial cable to be installed and connected from the outside connection box to the inside of the house.

    If you need your landlord's permission to have that hole drilled, please make sure to acquire it first and then head on over to your Fizz account under Myplans-> Manage plan-> Appointments-> Reschedule today after 8:00 PM to reschedule your appointment.

    Moreinformation on how you can do so are provided here:


    Thankyou very much for your understanding, patience and collaboration.

    Havea good one!


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