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I placed order for new phone but I am unsure if my order went through, since I have no way of contacting customer service, can anyone tell me if how I can tell if my order was placed? After placing order I was given order number *********, I also received an abandon cart email and replaced the order. Now I'm unsure if my order was submitted twice. I check my credit card I did not see charge, I did not receive any order confirmation email just order confirmation number after placing order. I did not use Paybright option but paid by credit card. Anyone can help that would be great, I don't want to attempt placing order 3rd time


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    Hi @akullah

    Can you try this

    You can see the status of all your Fizz orders in your Order history.

    1. Log into your account and go to My profile.
    2. Click on Order history See details.
    3. Click on the shipping number to see on the carrier’s website the details of your delivery.
    4. If there’s any inconsistency with the delivery information you see, contact the carrier directly.
    5. If the carrier cannot help you, contact us using the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of this FAQ during our business hours so we can open a ticket for this issue.

    You can always go on one FAQ page, for example, click on the green bubble on the bottom right corner and select chat ?, if you are using a mobile phone use it on horizontal or in desktop mode

    or you can go on

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    another great answer good job mike!

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    Hi Akullah,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    From what I can see here, you actually placed 2 orders for the same phone model.
    The first order was placed on August 6th and it was dispatched and the 2nd one was placed yesterday and is being processed.
    To be able to discuss this detail with our team, kindly contact us directly at your earliest convenience.

    Youcan contact us on Live chat by using any of our FAQs in the SolutionsHub, such as this one:

    Youjust need to access an FAQ(link) like the one above, scroll throughit and after 10-15 seconds the ? bubble will appear in the bottomright corner of the page.

    Clickingon it will reveal multiple contact options, including the Live chatwhich is at the very bottom.
    Here you can find more informationabout how you can do that:

    Thankyou very much for your understanding, patience and collaboration.

    Havea good one!


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