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I am trying to transfer my number from another provider. The old provider sent a txt msg to confirm but I was not able to reply within the 90 mins because the old phone is completely broken with black screen. I am trying to resubmit the request but Fizz site tells me that this request is already submitted. Called the old provider but they said to resubmit the request from Fizz. There is no Customer Service bubble on Fizz site for the 2nd day now. Very fed up. How do I either transfer the number or return the new phone and sim card to Fizz and forget about them. Rather pay more elsewhere but get some service.

Any help is appreciated.

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    Hello vyjik,

    We highly appreciate considering our mobile services, however we're sorry to hear about this situation.

    That error encountered by the system that a request has already been submitted with that information is if you try to submit the request again with the same details added previously (for example the PIN or the IMEI). To be able to submit a new request, based on what I see on your account it will be needed this time to either try with the IMEI of the phone used at your other provider or the account number. For information on how to find these details out, you can take a look here:

    If you need further assistance or would like for us to do this from our end, please contact us in private on any channel suits you best: The bubble appears on any FAQ page from our Solution Hub, in the lower right corner.

    Thank you so much and have a lovely day!

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