WiFi box connects to devices, but simply gives out zero signal.

The router in our flat was setup around 4 months ago and worked perfectly, no problems. However, upon returning to the flat this month, the box refuses to work.

Devices are able to connect to it, and the wifi logo comes up, claiming to have a full signal, however, does not load anything. There appears to be no way of contacting customer service or anything about this issue, so hoping somebody here might be able to suggest something...

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    Hello PeterJC,

    We're sincerely sorry to hear about this situation.

    I verified your account and saw that the plan has been recently reactivated. In this case, it will be needed to contact us in private on any channel suits you: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us so we can be able to verify the address where the service is currently being used and provide a suitable solution.

    Rest assured that to contact us, you can go to any of our FAQ pages from the Solution hub, click on the green "?" button from the lower right corner of the page and choose the channel you'd like.

    Thank you so much and have a great day,


  • StefanM
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    Did you try to do a complete reset of the router? Sometimes this helps. Based on your description it seems to me that the router is not connected to the internet.

    You can also contact fizz support via settings -- contact forms --- green chat bubble. If the live chat doesn't open try clearing the cache or change browser.

    One word of advice from experience: CODA Modems are notoriously unreliable. I've been using my own router (with the Fizz modem in bridge mode) for a while now and don't face any issues anymore.

    Hope this helps :)

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