Intermittent outage with DNS Probe Started error

I get intermittent outage (at least once per day) for 5 minutes during which I get "DNS Probe Started" error in Web browser. I've tried connecting directly to the Router using network cable and issue persists. The only site I can access during the outage is Router homepage ( There I see the router log me out after 5 minutes, which seems like a restart. Then internet connectivity is restored.

Upon restore, in Router Web Portal, I see WAN uptime gets reset as well, so I know it lost connection with FIZZ.

Can someone fix this issue? Clearly the issue is not with equipment. I have had this issue for as long as I have had FIZZ, and my router/modem has been replaced three times in the past. The issue event persisted when I switched to another Videotron based ISP.


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    Hi @moraza ,

    I'm sorry to learn about the inconvenience you're experiencing.

    In this situation, I highly recommend and kindly invite you to contact us directly so we could assist you with this matter as soon as possible.

    Here you can find more information about how you can do that:

    Thank you very much for your understanding, patience and collaboration.

    Have a good one!



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    Have you try to change your DNS Server?

    Like Cloudflare:

    Or Google:

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    I've tried that. It didn't help. I tied that on my PC, and on the Router/Modem as well.

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    I reverted it back to ISP default settings after ISP Tech Support told me not to use that.

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