can I purchase a plan that will cover Cuba?

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Hello, I will be going to Cuba and need to have the ability to have data on my phone as the internet providers there are not reliable. Is there a plan available?

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    You certainly can buy a travel add-on for $5 that will give you 1 Gb of mobile data to be used in Cuba.

    Although Fizz does not offer a phone service per se in that zone, with this add-on you could use an app like Skype to call phone lines in Canada (including 1-800 numbers) for a few cents per minute (or you can buy an unlimited plan for about $4 CAD per month).

    Make sure you bring the network settings information in case your phone doesn't configure itself automatically when you arrive at your destination. With the proper instructions, it is not so hard to fix.

    Also... get yourself a VPN, just in case... :-)

    Hope this helps!


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    There are plans that you can use in the USA but i dont know for Cuba!

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    There are no add-ons for Cuba. Here's the answer from Fizz to another member:


    We don't have calls add-on for Cuba.

    What I can suggest you is to use local Wi-Fi and a third party calling app, like facebook or messenger, while you will be on vacation.

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    or redirect your cellphonecalls to a voip over Wifi....

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    Hi @gus_needs_help

    yes you can buy a travel addon for the data

    3$ for 250M

    4$ for 500M

    5$ for 1G

    or you can add money to your fizz’s wallet

    Please check the compatibility of your phone, cuba is using the band 1 and some phone do not have it,

    ps the data is 3G only in Cuba

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    I’m not sure

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