Issues with Voicemail and lack of support

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Hey folks,

I have two issues. I reported issues with my voicemail last week which seems to not let me hear the messages. I get stuck with "You have 3 new voicemails, 1 saved voicemail" and then it goes silent and won't let me advance to hear the messages. Repeated attempts to go back to the menu and try again give the same results.

I filed a ticket but I don't see any update. I wanted to check in with Support but no matter what browser I use, I only see the '?' appear for a second when the page loads and then it disappears forever. I have tried different browsers, incognito mode, attempted both logged in and logged out but nothing actually gets me through to speak to someone about the issue.

I love the service, but gotta say this customer support model is quite frustrating when an issue arises.

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    Hello KyleB,

    We're sorry about this situation encountered. Checking your account, rest assured that I see the ticket is ongoing investigations by our technical department. We will inform you via email as soon as we have updates from them regarding this.

    Regarding contacting us, I can recommend trying from a different device or another browser, in Incognito/Private mode. For all the necessary information on how we can be reached, you can check our page:

    Thank you so much for your understanding.
    Have a lovely day,


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    I had that issue at one point in time where the darned green icon never appeared. I don't know what I've done, but eventually it became available to me.

    I would suggest trying on a different phone/computer.

    I agree with you that the support model is minimal, but that's the whole deal. No bells and whistles and false promotions, just the bare essentials at the bare price. When all is working, then it's a charm.

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    Yes the support lack when you need it sometimes, my boyfriend had the same problem.

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