I'm trying to get a plan and order a SIM but the login page keep showing it endless

When I tried to buy a plan it ask me to buy a SIM and when I click on buy Sim and it keep asking me to log in ,....


  • Idefizz
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    Hi @jorgefdez205

    make sure it is not a web session issue but trying these tips. Make sure ...

    • you are really logged in with your account.
      • Disconnect explicitly using "►Log out" in the left menu
      • close any Fizz tab
      • clear your cookies
      • reconnect.
    • no browser extension blocks its appearance (ad blocker or plugins like "NoScript").
    • try in incognito mode
    • JavaScript is enabled
    • no VPN disables the rendering, some have ad blockers
    • to empty your cache
    • to try with a different browser, Chrome and Edge are known to work relatively well with Fizz
    • to try on another device (mobile, laptop, tablet)

  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 13,812

    Hello jorgefdez205,

    I am sorry to hear about this. 
    I have verified your account and I could not see any order yet. 
    If you already tried the suggestions Idefizz provided and you are still not able to make the order please contact our support team for further investigations: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us

    Have a lovely day,

  • Hi Alex and Idefizz

    Thanks for your comments and support.

    I actually tried in Firefox, Firefox Dev edition, Safari, Chrome, Edge and IE11, in most of the cases I tried on incognito windows and non-incognito windows as well. All the test came back with the same problem. I actually asked a friend of mine to try the same on his machine and he got the same UX, pretty bad by the way.

    Do you have a number for troubleshooting these issues?


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