Is it possible to have two phones numbers in one fizz account?

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Is it possible to have two phones numbers in one fizz account?

I'm asking this because I haven't been able to request a second sim card.


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    Hello RicardoM,

    I am sorry to hear about this.
    You should be able to order a SIM from Overview > get started > mobile > order new.
    Here you can find more information if necessary:
    If you still experience issues please contact our support team to verify this. 

    Have a lovely day,


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    Creating a new plan allow you to order a new sim. When you receive the card you can choose a new number while activating it.

  • Zenthar
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    I think it's just a bit tricky to find the "order sim" page on it's own, but yes you can have more than one, I have two currently.

    Page to order sim:

    You could also just go by one in a couche-tard if you want one right now.

  • Idefizz
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    Yes you can have more than one phone.

    To request a second card follow @Zenthar's link (or simply buy it in stores ), no delivery period, no "never received the card" issues, ...

    And to activate it, go in your account in overview and click "Get Started" and follow the yellow brick road.

    And you'll end up progressing faster in your rewards.

    Hint: if you subscribe under a different account (with a different email) and use your referral code, you'll get the promo twice 🤩. But you'll progress slower in the Rewards Program. Then again, if a payment issue arises only one phone will be affected.

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