Can't Connect to Internet - Download Flashing for past 30 minutes

Lost electricity at home today. When power came back my modem has it's download display flashing. Have tried restarting modem a few times but ntohing is working.

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    Hello Vasilios P. #12126,

    Apologies for the encountered issue.

    I have verified the situation on my end and indeed the modem was offline for a longer period of time that it should have been as the services appeared to have returned at 4AM. Now all it's signals appear to be good and there are no issues with the network grid in your area, but the wi-fi function of the modem appears to be offline.

    Are you using a personal router connected in bridge mode with our modem? If yes, please disconnect it temporarily and make a factory reset for the modem by holding the button on modem's back, located above the Ethernet sockets, pressed until modem's lights turn off and test to see if your Wi-Fi and cabled connections work fine. For a few more helpful tips, please also take a look over:

    If you are still experiencing issues with the internet services, please reach us directly by chat through the link above.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a good day.


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