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My rented condo has expired, and the next tenant wants to keep my internet. How can I transfer the entire account to his name?


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    Hi walkerren,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    There is no possibility to transfer your Fizz account and Fizz Home Internet plan to another customer. Neither you can lend them your modem, it needs to be returned to us within 15 days following the cancellation order being completed.
    To cancel your subscription with Fizz Home Internet, please go to My plans->Manage plan-> Unsubscribe and continue from there.

    More information on this subject can be found here in our FAQ which I highly recommend you check out:

    After the order is completed you'll need to return the modem to us as presented here:

    You will also be refunded in a pro-rated fashion for the last days remaining in the payment cycle during which you didn't use the service, if any are left.
    You'll be able to see this under My plans-> Transaction history from your end:

    Thank you very much for your understanding, patience and collaboration.

    Have a good one!



  • Faelirya
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    Sadly, you can't

    He'll have to open his own account

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