Anyone have issues connecting Roomba to their wifi

escristian Posts: 2

Hey everyone.

I had my roomba connected to my Asus router no problem. I got he fizz router and now it does not seem to work.

I changed the settings on fizz wifi to disable band steering so now I have 2.4 and 5 SSID. I am connected to the 2.4 one and it still doesn't seem to work.

I was able to put other devices on this router but roomba just doesn't want to (roomba model 675)

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  • Idefizz
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    Accepted Answer

    You did what should be done (avoid band steering and have your device stick to the 2.4GHz signal).

    The only 2 things I'd recommend are:

    • make sure your Roomba forgets any SSID before connecting to your 2.4GHz
    • get back to your Asus router. Fizz router is average and your Asus is probably better, especially if it meets your security needs. This is a preferred way by many clients. The how-to is explained at


  • Luddy
    Luddy Posts: 19

    I agree with Idefizz. Use your Asus router. It will solve a lot of issues.

  • escristian
    escristian Posts: 2

    Ok I might give that a try. If I do I'll leave the 2.4 ssid of Asus router the same name of the fizz router so I don't have to redo all this setup of all the machines again.

    Thanks (it's crazy how many things connect to wifi now)

  • Zenthar
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    If you keep the same SSID and password, you shouldn't have to reconfigure anything (that is what I did when I switched router myself). Unless your Asus router is an incredibly old thing that doesn't support WIFI 6 (AC) at all and only 2.4Ghz, definitely use your Asus router; if it IS an old deprecated thing you can use the Fizz one, but I'd suggest you start shopping for a new one depending on the size of your house or how many connected devices you have (smart lights and all), the Fizz router doesn't have the best of track record.

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