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The 5 1Go promo is until May 30th. If I get 2 SIM cards with my profil, does that mean I can get the 5 Go on each of those SIM cards ?

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    Hello Kahlan, 

    Thank you for your post.

    All of our members will receive 5 GB of mobile data. The condition is that you need to be subscribed before May 30th.

    If you only ordered the SIM card but did not create a plan, the 5 GB will not be added. 

    You can also check the following FAQ for some additional information.




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    Hello @Kahlan

    Your interpretation is like mine but it is not 100% clear:

    • it's for each mobile member but deposited into the account of a mobile member (does it mean "plan"?)
    • note that the SIM must be activated BEFORE May 30th.

    (1) The mobile subscription must be active before May 30, 2021. Five perks of 1 GB each will be automatically deposited in the account of all active Fizz mobile members within 60 days of that date

    Source: footnote of

    The wording is short thus a bit up to interpretation. It is fair to assume that it is per SIM otherwise logistically is would mean some gymnastic. But I'm just a client. A Whizz should clear this out.

    Alternatively (hint hint), if you subscribe with 2 distinct accounts having a SIM each you get a referral bonus on both. Although you won't gain level as fast as if they were combined.

    NOTE: you can get a SIM card online but also in store, see

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