Received an email saying that my mobile plan price will change, but I already pay that?

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So weird one here: I joined Fizz at the end of last year (December or January I think) for Internet and Mobile. Nothing to say so far, quite satisfied with both services.

When I joined I got the 30$ plan for mobile, and been paying that since (before taxes).

Today I received an email saying that the price of my mobile plan would change, and already I was like ''here we go again, same bullshit as last ISP will start again with the constant increase'', but the email said the price of my mobile plan would change to... 30$? Err ok? I already pay that...

Anyone else in my position? Just find it kinda weird here, and says that it will apply on my next billing cycle...

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  • Idefizz
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    Whizz Jay confirmed, in this other French thread, that a quite similar email to yours was sent by error :

    [...] Je peux confirmer que cet courriel a été envoyé par erreur. Veuillez ignorer et désolé pour la confusion. [...]

    So it might very well apply to you too.

  • Dgjf
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    I reiceive it too i think its an error. The price dont change for me either :)

  • StefanM
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    Yeah, it's a standard email sent to many people. I got the same one and my price did not actually change. A change comes really only in effect fro people before April 2019 (early adopters)


  • QLTeddy
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    I just got the same email or similar, it is confusing. so it is an error???

  • DinoS
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    Please go to my plan - transaction details. Check receipt amount. It's the actual amount you was charged. Fizz is very famous for its "display error", which is never fixed .

  • Clamarmic
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    I did receive an email as well. I guess we'll see on the next billing cycle.

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