Bedtime schedule issues

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i have bedtime shedule setup from 8pm to 7pm. At 7 pm the devices connect to the router but is says no internet.

from Fizz app i cab see the device unlock at 7pm and says device online, but no internet on the devise. when i turn off the bedtime schedule in the app, my devices now have internet. i reset the modem to factory default, still the same.

it use to work fine before, this started a few weeks ago.

please advise for a fix.

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    Hello Yeeman Ramtohul,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    Have you tried reinstalling the application? 
    If the issue persists please contact our support team for further investigations:

    Have a good one,


  • Ruth M. #9574
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    This issue is something that I have noticed recently as well. It seems as though the Fizz app time setting is 3 hours ahead. A device with a bedtime of 7:45 disconnects at 4:45 and one with a bedtime of 11 stops at 8:00. I don’t know how to fix the app’s internal clock setting. Maybe the company should be informed to look into it.

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