I request data assistance!!!

Steven R. #6068
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Hey Fizzers!

I'm in the process embarking on a travel across canada (essential worker) and also in the middle of a move, and with covid work arounds and departure dates changing, I am now sleeping on a blow up mattress in an empty apartment with no internet router xD

Not a sob story its pretty hilarious, camping indoors ahaha!

But yeah if you have any data to help out it would be super sick! (I will also answer any questions on the situation if you want lol)

Referal code: ARGVU


  • DinoS
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    I recommend you post in Facebook group instead, where is more popular. Hope you know French.


  • Steven R. #6068
    Steven R. #6068 Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I tried to no avail :( but i also found out since i dont have data on my plan u dont think ppl can gift me any. Which is wierd cuz ive been gifted perks before, i guess i just cant take roll over data? :(

  • Whizz
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    Hey @Steven R. #6068 ,

    If you have no data included in your plan, nobody would be able to gift you data from their plan unfortunatley. They could however, gift you a data perk if it's available in their account.

    There are a few workarounds to help you:

    • Buy a data add-on
    • Change your plan to include data
    • Add money to your Fizz wallet
    • Or find someone that can gift you a perk :)

    Best of luck and we wish you all the best in your travels!


  • 4ri
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    Thank whizz for the explanation.

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