Is there a way to delete messages halfway through on the voicemail?

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Hello all,

Fizz voicemail is the worst voicemail I have ever had. Slow robotic voice saying useless information as an introduction. And then, impossible to delete a message halfway through, because 7 either deletes the message at the end, or make you start over.

Is there anything which can be done, or I am stuck with this? It is so annoying that I am considering going back to my former provider for that sole reason.


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    Hi CyntiaB,
    Thank you for reaching out to us with this situation.

    Please try to follow the instructions here and then see if you still encounter the same issue while listening to your messages:

    While listening to a message:
    1. Fast play (+10 seconds): Press 3
    2. Rewind (-10 seconds): Press 1
    3. To go to the end of the message: Press 3-3 (so the key 3, pressed twice)
    4. To return to the beginning of the message: Press 1-1 (so the key 1, pressed twice)
    To delete a message:

    Once a message has been heard, press 7 to delete it. If you'd like to delete the message without listening to all of it, press 3-3 to go to the end, and then 7 to delete it.

    To save a message

    Once a message has been heard, press 9 to save it. Once a message has been saved, it'll remain in your voicemail for the 30 days that follow the time at which you saved it.

    More details on how to access and use your voicemail can be found here:

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Have a good one!



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    I HATE that about the voicemail! Good to know there's a way to skip forward/to the end of the message!

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