Cant buy it with Paybright.

I am having to many issues with Paybright's site and yours.

I been trying to get a new Phone for my stepdaughter, I already got the SIM from Fizz, but since she is still underage obviously she can not have a credit card. so someone else has to put the credit card for Paybright to be able to finance the phone for her.

so I tried first getting it with her own phone number (Her fizz SIM) and using my card Obviosuly this did not work.

tried doing it with my own account and also didnt work

Tried asking Paybright about the issues and for a whole week I had no answer yet.

So this is whats basically happening. I am getting charged for a SIM card that cant be use due to lack of a Phone and cant get her Phone due to error 400 or risk of scam or some shit like that on Paybright's site.

Also if you could let me know if this has any chances of being dealt

thanks for any help.


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Thunderstrike

    Sorry you are having this issue.

    If you are trying to use PayBright, make sure all the info (Fizz account, credit card) is under the same name (and not a mix of both names).

    You can also check your eligibility here before starting the purchase process again:

    Make sure to clear your browser cache, close your browser and retry with private/incognito mode.

  • StefanM
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    As mentioned usually the credit card and the account must be under the same name. Since your case is a bit special, I would suggest you reach out to Fizz support first (My plans —> Contact Forms —> Green Chat Bubble). Maybe they can help you with your particular case.

  • JuanPa
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    Paybright is quite buggy, I wouldn't advise it!

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