My phone cannot receive calls.

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My phone cannot receive calls anymore. I've been with fizz for about 2 or 3 months, and in the past 2 weeks I've been having issues. People who tried to reach me said that it rings once and then goes to voicemail.

I have contacted Fizz customer service twice now, each time I followed the instructions, then it seems to work for a day or two, and then it starts again.

Do you have any recommandations other than what is on this page: since I've already tried all of this.

Thank you

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  • Fizzy
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    Hi Jasmine,

    It sounds like your phone might not be connected to Fizz network.

    To rule out any issue with your phone, can you test the SIM card with another phone device to see if the issue persists?

    You could also try the following: do a manual network search, choose Fizz EXT, wait a few seconds and then come back to the Fizz network and try calls.

    The steps to manually select a network varies depending on your phone model. Here are two examples:

    • Android: Settings → Connections → Mobile networks → Network operators → Search networks → Search → Fizz.Ext
    • iPhone: Settings → Operators → Search → Fizz.Ext

    If it works while connected to Fizz.Ext please switch back to Fizz and retry calls.

    In case the problem continues, please contact Fizz support team:


  • Idefizz
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    I admit that is a tough one if you followed recommendations and CS' tips (twice!).

    Tell us more about your situation.

    • How strong is your 4G signal?
    • When the problem happens, does is still occur outside the house?
    • What significative change happened 2 weeks ago? Did you move to a new location? Has your phone been dropped?
    • What specific fix did the client service gave you that makes it work for a day or two? That could give us an important clue.
    • Of the suggested recommendations on the given page, using your SIM in another phone really made no difference at all?

    As per the FAQ (here) voicemail will record messages if :

    1. your phone is off
    2. the line is busy
    3. there is no answer after four rings (20 seconds by default)

    Some clues out of my head, on each point:

    1. the phone is damaged or a newly installed application interferes with calls
    2. same as 1. Also, an app or game could set you in don't disturb mode without your knowledge
    3. maybe you have your voicemail setting to 5 second ring? I know it does not explain the fix works for a few days but try setting it to a larger amount than what you have.

  • Whizz
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    Hi Jasmine,
    Thank you for letting us know about this matter.

    I can see here that you reached out to our CS department and a colleague assisted you with this issue a few hours ago.
    Does this situation still occur? Please feel free to let us know at your earliest convenience.

    You may be able to fix this by putting your phone on Airplane mode for 30 seconds then turning it off and on again before checking if you're connected to Fizz under your Network carrier settings.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Have a good one!


  • Albre404
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    The same happened to me, I removed my sim card and reinstalled everything but in the end, the problem was with Videotron (which fizz uses to offer their services)

  • Idefizz
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    Nice of you to share. 🤗

    Could you elaborate a bit? Because the OP mentioned chatting twice with CS without your result.

    What was the clue pointing to Videotron, so if it happens again we troubleshoot in that direction?

  • Albre404
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    There service was down for the whole afternoon.

    It happened only once for me and you can see it on website such as these :

    But I don't know if videotron is the provider behind Fizz where OP is ;/

  • Albre404
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    The clue was the news, not only fizz was not working but videotron users did not have internet for a whole day in Quebec City.

  • Idefizz
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