Incoming call still going on the previous provider


It's almost 4 days that I transferred my phone number from FIDO to FIZZ. I can make a call but can't receive any call. All the incoming call are going on FIDO(my previous provider) and nobody can reach me out.

What should I do?

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  • Dgjf
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    Its seem weird after all this time you should ty to power off your phone, remove and reinsert the sim car, and restard it.

  • Fizzy
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    If the incoming calls and SMS are still going to the old Fido SIM, it means there was a problem with the number transfer.

    Please contact Fizz support:

  • Whizz
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    Hello Seyed,

    I am sorry for the situation encountered.

    I have verified and see that you've managed to contact us on Live Chat and one of my colleagues helped you further with this situation.

    Please reach us back if you have any other questions. You can contact us any time at

    I wish you a great day!


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