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Good day,

Where can I access the chat channel to talk to a fizz associate?

I have problems receiving my referral bonus and need to talk to a fizz associate; however, I can't find the access to the fizz chat.

Thank you in advance.

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    Once the credit is unlocked, it should apply automatically to the next bill of your main plan. Note that if you have more than one plan in your account, only the main plan will receive the referral credit.

    If you are having any issue with the credit, you can contact customer support by chat:

    1- Connect to your Fizz account by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at

    2- Any ad blockers in your browser should be disabled.

    3- Open a Fizz help page like this one:

    4- The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.


  • Dgjf
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    Be aware the credit is only after two cycle paid so not when your friend use your code :)

  • She's been using her Fizz plan for over 5 months, so it should be credited by now.

  • JuanPa
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    You can check it in you account settings. Maybe wrong number?

  • Dgjf
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    Maybe she make and error and the code and another member get the perk ? Did she get it, the credi, on their end ?

  • Idefizz
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    For your information, some referral bonuses are not showing in the account of certain members. Fizz is aware and wants to reassure you: no bonuses will be lost! It’s a display issue our teams are currently working on, and everything should be back to normal shortly


  • MichelP
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    Hi, Min W.

    You can chat with a Fizz agent.

    First, log to your Fizz account and desactivate ad blocker on your browser.

    Click on :

    Click on the green interrogation point appearing down to the right of the page and click on the the green chat bubble.

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