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If I cancel my subscription to Fizz, can I rejoin and have my perks if I keep my Sim card?

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    No, you will loose all accumulated privileges if you cancel.

    The SIM card is just your identifier when you have an active plan.

    If your participation in the Program is cancelled, all points accumulated in your account will be declared null and void

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    More on that:

    When you cancel your Fizz plan, you lose

    ► Any unused data that you could have rolled over or gifted to another Fizz member

    ► All the Perks, Upgrades and Points associated with your account

    Use the rewards and benefits accumulated in your Fizz account before cancelling your plan. Make the most of them by gifting your data and activating your Perks before you go!

    If you leave Fizz, you will also lose the referral bonuses that are waiting in your account. If you reactivate your plan within the 30 days following your deactivation, however, you’ll get them back.



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