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Has anyone been experiencing issues with their internet connection? My internet speed is slower than my plan.

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  • Whizz
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    Hello Princessa,

    Have you tested as Dgjf  has indicated? I currently see that you have 3 devices connected and all through wi-fi. Please be aware that this amount is a bit too high for your current plan and I suggest to increase it to at least 30 MB/s. Also, please keep in mind that the speed through wi-fi is divided by the amount of devices you have connected.

    If you wish to test your internet speed properly, please do so with only one device connected to the wi-fi network. 

    A few helpful pieces of information that could assist with your issue can be found here:

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a good day.


  • Dgjf
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    No my internet speed is what a paid for.

    Do you used the WIFI or a wired connection to the modem ? WIFI connection can be unstable aand dont give the full speed.

    I always get about 125Mbit on Ehternet but bever on wifi 2.4Ghz and sometime on 5Ghz so its not the internet who are slower but the WIFI :)

  • Idefizz
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    My internet works very fine.

    This morning I got 2Mps more than my Internet plan, when going full throttle. But that was a test.

    Can you describe the problem with more details?

    • Which device?
    • How do you test it?
    • What is your Internet plan capacity? Fizz will sometimes do traffic management for higher plans. Read this.
    • Is you modem using band steering, bridge mode, etc?

  • StefanM
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    I don’t know exactly where you are located but I had some slow internet speeds yesterday for an hour. After that it was fine and back to normal. Maybe try resetting your router or at least on/off :)

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