Is it Fizz new policy to close a discusion ?

Is it Fizz's new policy to close discusions and chose a best answer even when the Author has not viewed the answers?

this seems a bit redundent and makes for a useless discussion board!

I did not even get a chance to read and evaluate the answers given let along pick the best answer, if there had been one

This will also led to people reposting questions to try and get a real answer.

So again I ask when did this policy shift happen

and Why?

Please do not shut this discussion down. I will pick the best answer with in a day or so . or I will just keep asking .

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  • Idefizz
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    The best answer to your question can only come from Fizz. They know their policy and reasons to any update. The rest of us can only speculate.

    There's certainly been new directives in regards to the revamp this March, at least for points.

    A lot of threads have been opened by people who do not understand its mechanisms. So I guess the choosing best answer + closing for them makes senses. While I do appreciate when a Whizz closes an old thread, I can only hope that those who asked a question did in fact received a reminder to come and close an old thread. Maybe implement an incentive (points) to chose a best answer would increase traffic in the forum. There were once points for opening a question (no longer the case), maybe some should be applied to close it.

    But I hear you, you want to make that choice yourself with reasons. You've been here longer than many of us, you know how the forum works. Maybe the policy should give more time to close a question for non-Apprentices.

  • Whizz
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    Thank you all for chiming in. After 48 hours if the question does not have the "best answer" we (Fizz) either choose the best answer if there was one posted or we reply with the best answer.

    If we don't do this there are many questions that stay unanswered and when a member is looking for the correct answer it could be challenging for them to understand what was the best answer or the best course of action if the question remains opened.

    All those who post questions receive email notifications of any reply's or best answer chosen for their question.

    In regards to closing a thread after the best answer is chosen, we do this manually as well to avoid multiple variations of a best answer and it keeps things organized.

    Unfortunately, many community members post questions without coming back to chose the best answer - the advantage in us choosing the best answer also means the author of the best answer gets the points associated to their reply.

    We think it's a win, win solution - but we're always opened to suggestions :)



  • I agree old questions that lag on forever are problimatic..

    but one day , that is ridiculous..

    hopefully they'll make updates to allow a fixed time set.

    like as much as a week.

    some of us do have a life aside from Fizz

  • StefanM
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    In the past, the post was closed as soon as the author of the post selected the best answer. In the new forum the thread stays open and people can still comment even if the best answer was selected by the person who posted the question. This was a frequent complain in the old forum and they changed it in the new one. This means that fizz subsequently needs to close the post manually.

  • It’s more reasonable that the author of the discussion could decide when to close the discussion.

    i had a discussion about speedtest and fizz decided to close it while I was waiting for other answers!

  • Dgjf
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    Whizz seem to close question each night or so. Yes this dont give you mutch time to choose the best answer.

  • Thankyou for all your answers

    And it's good to know that it is a 48 hour window.

    Have a great day everyone

  • quick question for jay "Whizz"

    If a good answer comes up before 48 hours how do I accept and close the thread or do I just leave it up to you guys?


  • Dgjf
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    Im not Jay but you cant closed you have to let a Whizz closed. You only have the power to choose a best answer but this dont closed the question.

  • Zenthar
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    I think 48h is a bit short, maybe 48h since last activity would be fine, but it seems 48h (or less) after it was opened. I'd either go with inactivity, a full week from opening or send automated message to user asking to confirm they want the thread to stay opened.

    I understand that many don't bother even checking back in the questions they asked, but 48 h is way too short.

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