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Hi Fizz Community,

Its been about 6 months since I closed my account with Videotron, and my old number is available, but potentially delinked from my old videotron account.

Ill just go back to videotron if you can't get my old number - because the headache of changing my number is not worth it. I have business cards that I really like, and its just annoying.

I need to know if this can happen or if i should ask for a refund from fizz.


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  • Idefizz
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    This is a particular issue and you should chat with fizz directly since this forum is more for help amongst clients. A fizz employee will eventually read it but you'll get a faster and more informed reply with their chat tool.

    Concerning how long a carrier retains a phone number, Fizz keeps it 2 months after an account is no longer paid. 6 months is quite a long time but not unheard of in some other carriers.

    But you suggest they confirmed it was available; lucky you Fizz is one of their subsidiary! Chat with them ASAP.

    To chat:

    1. Go to a FAQ page e.g.
    2. Look bottom right for the big green question mark (?)
    3. Click it, a bubble will appear
    4. Submit your question with possibly a relevant screenshot or modem photo 
    5. After that will be displayed the number of customers preceding you, to manage your expectations. Updated real time.

    ALTERNATIVELY, try leaving a message on Facebook Messenger, iMessage or Twitter private. The advantages of their tool are the management of waiting times and the ability to print (e.g. PDF) a copy of the conversation for your records.

  • StefanM
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    During the set-up process you have the option to choose your own number (it costs 1$ extra). You can type in in there and if it’s available it should appear.

    If not, definitely contact Fizz support and they can have a look into it for you :-)

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