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I was the person who bought an iPhone 7 on January 27th from Fizz during the beta and it was defective out of the box. The Apple Store certified it was a motherboard issue and there was no water damage. I returned it with all accessories on February 3rd, it was received at the Boucherville facility on February 5th. I have contacted Fizz on February 19th, March 8th, March 14th and March 19th with no resolution besides weird word salad answers that their "technicians are looking into it". I am not sure what there is to look into, it was certified defective and this is a known issue with the iPhone 7. All I want is a refund, I paid almost $500, now I have no phone and no money either.

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    Hello @Foxfleur ,

    Your case has been escalated to our teams to solve this situation and you'll be notified by email once it's solved.

    Rest assured, we'll do everything for you. Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a great day ! Corina


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    Usually, refunds are pretty quick and shouldn’t take more than 10 Business Days maximum.

    If Fizz is not returning the money in a timely fashion have you considered a charge back via you credit card provider, provided that you paid it with credit card. You can prove that they revoked the phone via tracking.

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    I am going to do a chargeback if it isn't resolved by the end of this week. This has dragged on way too long. I am very frustrated because I did everything I was supposed to do. I even tried to get Apple to honour their warranty first, but the IMEI in Apple's system showed the purchase date as when *Videotron* bought the phone, not when *I* did, so it was expired, even though the phone was factory-sealed. The real victim here is Fizz who were sold a defective phone from Apple, but instead of acknowledging that and taking the problem off my hands, they are making it my issue. I'm not a telecommunications company giving out dividends to my shareholders, I am a mom who needs my $482 back so I can buy my kid more dinosaur-shaped fruit snacks. Fizz can afford to shoulder the liability for this, but so far they haven't.

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