How do I change my internet plan before delivery?

Hi everyone,

This morning, I scheduled an appointment to have internet installed in my apartment on Sunday, but I realized that I am going to need a plan for more devices. I can't seem to find where to change my plan. I haven't been charged yet, so is that something that I tell the technician when he drops everything off?

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    I think you should cancel the appointement and redo it. Fizz charge you for your plan when you call an installation so you should already charged.

    The other solution is to keep your plan for the first month you can change it every month freely. The technicien dont work directly for Fizz so i dont think he can changed that.

    Last option contact the support and check if they can do the change for you. UI recommande Facebook Messenger but you have many option to contact the support team :

    Have a nice day :)

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    Hello Canucklehead,

    Rest assured once the installation is complete you can request a plan change and the new speed you wish to have will be applied within 24 hours. 
    The information in your account will be updated on the next billing cycle. 
    You can make the plan change from My plans > manage plan > adjust plan. 
    Here you can find more information:

    Have a great day,


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    Perfect, thank you!

  • StefanM
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    As mentioned, definitely contact support, they might be able to do something for you manually seeing that the installation hasn’t been done yet.

    Otherwise you can adjust your plan every month. You only need to make sure that the changes are done 48 hours before then next billing cycle. The changes then become effective next billing cycle.

    Also what I don’t really understand is: What do you mean by more devices? There is no cap on how many the devices you can connect. Is it just that you want to have more brandwidth, so that more devices can function without issues?

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