How to forward phone while abroad?

Can H.
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Hello Everyone,

Currently my family is abroad and we cannot forward our phones because voice calls doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to do this. Thank you

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  • Idefizz
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    Their documentation does not confirm or refute if you can use the *21 code when you are already outside. Maybe it works but you'd need to have an option to receive international calls on the receiving mobile unit? I'm not sure but at some point one of either plan will have to pay for that extra service.

    But Fizz has some more Roaming options doc albeit none about call forwarding. Maybe worth a look?

    That is if you absolutely want to keep that phone number (and I can see why for some reasons like old family members or business).

    Otherwise, you can go digital :

    ...but I guess you already looked into that. Just making sure if you ever want to look into those options.


  • cristi
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    Do you want to divert all incoming calls to an international number?

    Try to understand your question .

  • StefanM
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    Yeah, me too. You need to elaborate a bit more as to what you exaclty try to do @Can H.

  • Idefizz
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    Hi @Can H.

    if you want to do call forwarding, the following Fizz page covers that.

    To activate call forwarding, dial **21*(number you’re forwarding to)#

    Important to note: Charges apply

    Charges may apply to calls that are forwarded to a number outside the coverage area of your plan.

    Hope this answers your questions. Otherwise let us know.

  • Can H.
    Can H. Posts: 5

    Hi everyone, Thank you for the answers.

    To answer your questions I wanted to divert all calls to my phone while I am abroad to a local Canadian number. My phone is not able to receive or make any calls while I am out of Canada. I thought it would be fine as it is with most other Canadian carriers but apparently with Fizz you cannot make calls or receive them out of North America.

  • Can H.
    Can H. Posts: 5

    Hi Idefizz, ill try this and see if it works. Thanks

    • **21*(number you’re forwarding to)#

  • Idefizz
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    Well there are a few things to know:

    • receiving calls is free whatever your coverage is if you plan is in order (active, paid). It is different for calling outside.
    • you can extend your plan's coverage to North America. Your question didn't specify where. See the map at
    • There are a worry-free travel add-ons for a given country: look at
    • There is also an International calls option add-on to your monthly plan. For $5/month, you get a fixed number of minutes each month to make international calls from your coverage area. See at the end of this page:

    I hope this helps and answers your question better.

  • Can H.
    Can H. Posts: 5

    Im currently out of Canada already within the Asia/Oceania region. I went to the travel add-on page before but I couldn't see an option for voice. I have tried calling my number from another number and it does not connect.

    I only want to be able to receive call while I am abroad. I don't need to call anyone. If I can figure out the forwarding it will be fine I think.

  • Whizz
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    Hi Can,
    Thank you for reaching out to us with this case.

    Please note that it is currently impossible to make or receive calls while roaming. As soon as a firm date is available, info will be detailed here. In the meantime, you can use data, and send/receive texts when you travel outside Canada and the U.S. To make and receive calls, you can use messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

    More details on this can be found here:

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Have a good one!


  • StefanM
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    @Can H. One tip I can give you: Try downloading the app TextNow. Its a VOIP service that gives you a regular Canadian number that you can use the receive/make calls and send text messages. It uses your data connection. Maybe this way you could create a workaround.

  • Can H.
    Can H. Posts: 5

    Thanks everyone. As some guessed I need to receive calls for Business purposes. If I can forward the number I will do so to a Canadian VOIP number via Google Voice. It solves all my problems.

    Fizz as a note maybe its best to leave this as is because I saw other content around this topic and they were all archived. I couldn't see the answers for some reason.

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