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Mario P. 49464
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Is the blackberry evolve supported by fizz.

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  • Idefizz
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    From what I can find on the net, it does not look supported, by Videotron for instance. See below.

    If I were you, I'd chat with Fizz to be 100% sure.

    Click to enlarge:


  • Idefizz
    Idefizz Posts: 2,999 ✭✭

    Maybe as an android device but probably not if it runs BBOS.

    Can you compare its specs with Fizz' frequencies requirements?

    For an LTE-compatible phone configured with LTE network preferences:

    Calls: Your device must support HSPA 850 MHz or 1900 MHz frequencies

    Mobile data: Your device must have dual-frequency support for 1700/2100 MHz (also called AWS or band IV)


    Your phone can also support other frequencies that allow it to take advantage of the LTE network.

    For a phone that only allows 3G or HSPA preferred:

    Calls and / or mobile data: The phone must support the 1700/2100 MHz frequency (also called AWS)

  • annéemariée
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    Heeeey You have to check if your phone has the frequency that fizz runs on. You can check that on their site. The frq are GSM 850 LTE 1700/2100

  • StefanM
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    Well, @Idefizz post explained everything perfectly. Make sure the bands are supported and you shouldn't have any problems.

  • Mario P. 49464
    Mario P. 49464 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    In fact the evolve is not supported but the motion is.

    Thanks a lot guys.

  • Idefizz
    Idefizz Posts: 2,999 ✭✭

    Yup, like the snapshot. Also some other BB models if interested.

    Cheers! 🙌

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