Super Slow internet connection - march 9th - near St-Hubert

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I recently upgraded my internet plan to 60 Mbps and I hardly get a speed of 1-2 Mbps. This is so pathetic. Every now and then the speed drops in Kbps, I am unable to work, I am genuinely thinking of changing the internet provider.

I tried sending messages for support on FB Messenger as well, no response.. Is it just me or the Fizz service is getting worse every day ?

Either help me resolve this issue or suggest a better provider than Fizz (VideoTron)


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  • Whizz
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    Hi Mystic,
    I understand and I'm sorry for the inconvenience you're currently experiencing.

    Would you kindly please unplug the coaxial cable from the coaxial outlet and the modem respectively, wait for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in the outlet first and then in the modem, then restart it?

    Also, please perform a factory reset of the modem by using a sharp object to press on the small button in the orifice behind the modem for 15 to 20 seconds, then let the modem reboot itself and test the connection.

    Following this, please change the connection bandwidth from 2.4GHZ to 5GHZ as shown here below:
    The modification of this option is possible thanks to the mobile application Fizz Wi-Fi:
    Choose: ''My Wi-Fi''
    Select your Wi-Fi network
    Select: ''Advanced Settings''
    Band Steering ''On/Off''

    This change can also be applied through the Wi-Fi modem user interface:
    1. Log in at: from the web browser of any device.
    2. Log in using the following information:
    Username: cusadmin
    Password: xxxxxxxx (Password you chose during initial setup)
    3. Go to the next section to apply changes:
    Wireless → General Settings → 5GHz → Band Steering (Disable)

    I checked on your account and on your connection signals where I can see that they are within the optimal parameters, with no package loss or broadcast congestion.

    There is also no incident or maintenance work being performed in the area that could've caused the disruption.

    More helpful details can be found here:

    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Have a good one!



  • Dgjf
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    Can you tell us what tool you use to make your test ?

    Where do you get this low speed ? (personnal Git, Facebook, shitty site, ect or a real speed test ???)

    Do you use WIFI 2.4, WIFI 5.0 or Ethernet cable ?

    Do you use your own router or the fizz modem ?

    Its really hard for me to help you without more information we are client just likee you here so i dont avec acces to your account detail.

  • Mystic
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    I usually use

    I use WIFI 5.0 for all my devices.

    I tried in both Fizz Modem and Tp-Link Deco M5

  • Seu_Madruga
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    How many devices on your WiFi 5Ghz? Do you live in an area with lots of WiFi networks? Did you try testing the speed with a cable connected directly from the router to the computer?

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    I have around 5-6 devices that connect to 5Ghz.

    I believe every house in my area has wi-fi so I think answer would be yes, but how is that relevant ?

    yes, I tried it with cable and I see major fluctuations in the download/uploads. Weird!

  • Seu_Madruga
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    Hey Mystic,

    I asked about the amount of WiFi networks because in busy areas there's signal congestion, which reduces overall speed. As you live in a house it shouldn't be an issue, though. This is more frequent on big building with dozen of apartments - similar to the place I used to live. In this case you could change the wireless channel to try to find one less busy.

    Regarding the cable connected. What do you mean by major fluctuations? Some tests are fine, and others bad? Did you stop all internet usage before testing? There are many things that consume bandwidth, for ex streaming (video or music), YouTube, playing or using a remote desktop. I suggest you stop everything, if possible, to have a better idea.

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    Fizz Real Speed??? I switched from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps then to 120 Mbps but I get the same download and upload speed as before. My friend told me that 2 years ago and he went by 10 Mbps. He still have it. Believe me, my real speed with 120 Mbps is the as his with 10 Mbps. Specially upload speed that is terrible. It was 10 Mbps before, but now is 20 Mbps. I talk about real speed! Not about these numbers. They all are just numbers. What do you think about the real speed that you get? Let me know please.

    Fizz blocked me because I asked this question and They know that is TRUTH!

    Please share it with the others. I am blocked. I can not ask any questions!

  • Zenthar
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    I have the 120/20 package and get 133/22 just as I had before with Videotron; many things can influence speed and the quality of signal that gets to the modem is but one of them, most of the time the issue is with the Wifi within the house itself (whether it's the Fizz modem's, your own router's or even the device your are testing with). To rule that out, the only way is to test with a Wired connection directly in the Fizz modem using a 1+Gbps network card (if you subscribe to 120Mbps internet)(do they still even make 100Mbps ones???)

    BTW, I live in St-Hubert.

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    Hi, I have 120 Mbps Speed for a long time. How can I contact Fizz to fix my upload speed because it's really bad?

  • Zenthar
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    What is your current upload speed? With a 120Mbps you should have 20-22Mbps upload speed.

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