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Hi, just want to know if someone here have buy the lg velvet 5G from fizz.

I want to know witch variant they sell!


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  • Seu_Madruga
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    Just for the sake of people from the future also wondering the differences among LG Velvet 5. Here's a link that shows each model: https://www.phonemore.com/models/lg/velvet-5g/

    Basically, in Canada, the version that is sold is the LMG900UM2. The UM1 and TMY are models sold in US.

    From this site, the only difference between the canadian UM2 and US's UM1 is the radiation rate, smaller for the canadian one. On the other hand, TMY is a weaker model, with slower CPU and weaker battery.


  • Dgjf
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    Did you contact the support, by facebook for example, and ask ? The should have the answer :)

  • The phone is the best phone ever & what do you mean variant ?

  • Dgjf
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    @Stevie W. #40024 so you have the phone and love it ? Do you have it for a long time or its new ?

  • Martin
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    Stevie W i want to know wich model it is ...like

    LMG900UM2 or LMG900UM1, LMG900TM....

  • Martin
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    A little update about my question... I bought the phone and the model of lg velvet that fizz sell is: LMG900UM2 and i really recommend it!

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    What's so great about it?

  • Martin
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    Curved screen on the sides, great camera, best version for our coverage, including usa bands,extra google assistant button on the side(other version of velvet 5G don't have), fm radio(other version of velvet 5G don't have) gorilla glass 5 (other version of velvet don't have)...many more great features!


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