Internet Interruption last night? 2021-02-18

Hoang T. #38498
Hoang T. #38498 Posts: 63 ✭✭
I was with Vidéotron for years, and never had internet interruptions With fizz for 1 months and had 2 internet interruptions. First time it was Vidéotron internet generalized problem. Last night, suddenly I had DNS problem.
I checked fizz modem, and all lights looked “NORMAL “ but it didn’t work. I thought it was Vidéotron problem again.
After 1 night, still no internet, someone suggested that I reboot the modem. I did and worked!
1) the biggest issue is that the modem didn’t give any red light that it had a problem, all lights looked normal.
2) how come my modem lost connection with fizz server suddenly? Is it a generalized problem with fizz modem ?
FYI, I use my own router.


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