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Payment Problems (accidentally closed previous thread)

StefanM Posts: 734
Sorry, I accidentally closed the previous thread.
I even tried to add the card of my partner. The system still declines it. Support said they will escalate it to the technical department but nobody can tell me how long it will take. I am very worried that nothing will happen until my plan renews, the renewal fails and then I am left without any mobile phone service.


  • StefanM
    StefanM Posts: 734
    Now I am getting “There was a processing error, please try again”
    This is for the card that I had fizz manually unlock for my friends account.
    On my account, I am unable to use my old payment method to add funds to my wallet. If I tried to add any of my other credit cards it tells me payment declined. I tried all the troubleshooting tips with them and they escalated it to the financial department since all of my cards are declined. So it’s definitely not a bank issue.
    The rep also told me that I should not worry about the card that I used in the past for my monthly payments as this is automated and should go through normally. I am still a bit worried about that though
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    Can you try again tomorrow?

    As for the automatic payment, it is usually taken around noon one day before your renewal.
    If it fails, a second attempt will be made at 10pm. If and when that happens, you can try changing your payment method and making a manual payment.

    Also on your Fizz account, you can see if the payment was successful by going to My Plans >> Transaction History. For more information, you can check this page: https://fizz.ca/en/transaction-history
    Or you can check with your financial institution to see if the charge was done correctly.
  • StefanM
    StefanM Posts: 734
    Yeah, I can only wait and see. Fizz escalated it to their financial department. I hope I hear an answer from them soon. In the meantime, I guess there is nothing you can do for me so I will go ahead and close the post. Fizz support can still post something under it anyway.
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 7,872
    Hello StefanM,
    We're truly sorry about this situation encountered. I took a look at your account and regarding the last error message received, rest assured we sent you an email 2 days ago for further assistance. About the wallet situation, I see one of my colleagues also already escalated a ticket and we will inform you via email of updates as soon as we have them.
    If you need additional help, for all the information on how we can be reached you can check our page:  https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.
    Have a wonderful day,
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