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Network Maintenance?

Internet isn't working, and the website says "services are operational".
I get onto a chat session, he asks me for my email (which is weird because im already logged in), then asks me if I tried turning on or off the modem, then asks me for a picture of the mode, and THEN tells me there's maintenance which they are working to resolve, and immediately closes the conversation.
- First of all, why doesnt the website say there is maintenance?
- Second, why did he have to ask me for a picture and try turning it on or off before telling me there's maintenance going?
Will likely change providers given the terrible service. Is this normal?


  • Its not a huge deal on a sunday but I'd be pissed off if I had to actually work
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451
    Hi Eric

    Sorry you had a bad experience. First of all, is your internet working now?

    Did you keep a log of the conversation or were you able to rate the experience?

    Fizz is open to feedback to improve our customer experience.
    You may contact Fizz at any time to share your feedback:
  • Gabriele G.
    Gabriele G. Posts: 165
    I'm sorry for what happened, hope now everything is back on track!
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