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where is the support?

the support offered by Fizz is deplorable, I don't want to ask the community I want to talk to the company. I recently cancelled by internet service and returned the modem today through Canada Post. I want to know how my credit will be paid and when will it be paid?


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    Hi Kenn

    this is the community, you need to chat with them, it is the only option, usually the refund can take couple of weeks, but chat with them

    1- Log in to your account (see top right).
    2- Any ad blocker in your browser must be disabled.
    3- You must be on a help sheet: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-fix-payment-issue
    4- The green bubble should appear in bottom right of the page
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