Does Fizz process payments on Sunday?

I can't seem to get the chat support online (probably because its Sunday) but will my credit card payment still be processed on a Sunday?


  • Mike
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    Hi Max

    Sure the payment are automatic and done everyday

    IF you had problem with your payment

    If your service is suspended, you can go on your account to make a manual payment. My Plans → Manage plan → Payment method.

    If you see the "Make payment now" button, click on it to make a manual payment. Once payment has been made, your service will be restored within 2 hours.
    Some have reported up to 4 hours. Meanwhile, please try restarting your device (phone or modem).

    You are also able to see that the payment was successful by going to My Plans → Transaction History.
    For more information on how to check your transactions, you can take a look at Fizz help page:

    When it comes to payment situations, it's a good idea to update your payment method, so that the system can successfully trigger it the second time. More useful information can be found here:

    You can also contact customer support by chat

    1- Click on this link:
    2- The green chat bubble with the ? should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.
    3- Click on it, and select chat if available, or any other option
  • StefanM
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    Yep, they are automatic. It shouldn’t be a problem
  • Computers do not have religious our human days off. They work everyday, no need to give them a day to rest. :-)
  • Whizz
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    Hi Max,
    Indeed, as Mike said, the payment is done automatically every payday.
    You can manually pay for your plan only if it gets suspended.
    As for your plan, you can rest assured that it has been paid for and it is in good standing for this payment cycle.
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Have a good one!
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