How to get better call quality?

With a not-so-recent cellphone, voices might be cut off.


  • Mike
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    Hi Janique

    The community must used for this kind of hint

    Thank you
  • StefanM
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    Yeah, we will have to wait for VoLTE. I am sure it is in the planning for the future. Fizz always try to improve
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    Hi Janique

    Thanks for sharing your news! This can help others. Also it's good to turn off some advanced functions on your phone like VoLTE, voice clarity, etc as those are not used with Fizz mobile.
    Thanks again and Welcome to Fizz!
  • Justin
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    Thanks Janique for the advice!
  • clau3166
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    Appreciate the feedback, not something I knew.
  • cristi
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    Hi friends,
    For me 2G was always the best choice for voice and text, specially when I am travelling and the coverage is very poor. 2G will be always your friend to call in the worst radio conditions.
    2G network destination was only for voice and txt and the implemented voice codec was awesome.
    3G,4G are very good in the city/good coverage (network capacity is higher to avoid congestion).
    Long time ago I remember for Christmas time when in the whole city we had network congestion I was using a signal txt to bts to get priority for my cell.....yeap, it was 2G.
    Also a call divert code or VMS ##002# was helping to "get some priority"
    The most beautiful time of GSM era. Just for fun....2G is history now also EDGE and WAP...
    3G,4G ...5G are all the same now...just more capacity and more speed....but the pioneers of GSM were in that time of the 2G era...
    All the best.
    ANJALI G. Posts: 8
    might be any problem with the hardware of the phone too?
  • Whizz
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    Hello Janique,
    We're sorry to hear that your call quality isn't currently very good. I kindly invite you to first try the steps our members provided here. I can also recommend to check our compatibility page: to ensure that your current device is fully compatible with our network. You can check this by looking at the frequencies needed for our network and then searching for the specs of your exact device on websites such as GSM Arena, for example.
    If by any chance there's still a situation, I invite you to reach out to us in order for us to do the necessary verifications and further help:
    Thank you so much for your understanding.
    Have a lovely day,
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