Tried to subscribe with the referral code before 6 January and the website didn't allow proper subsc

We were supposed to both get 50$ discount, at first the address wasn't into the system, and we contacted fizz to add it from the specialized team, then we tried to subscribe upon reception of the email confirming the address was valid, and the subscription didn't occur, we had to redo it again on 7 Jan but lost the 50$ referall bonus, considering that we've tried multiple times to subscribe before 6 Jan, is it possible to get the 50$ refeeral ?


  • Mike
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    Not is not possible, however, you can try to contact the support

    In case of problem, you can contact Fizz support by chat

    1- Log in to your account (see top right).
    2- Any ad blocker in your browser must be disabled.
    3- You must be on a help sheet:
    4- The green bubble should appear in bottom right of the page
  • Gabriele G.
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    I would suggest to contact the support through your account or Facebook, they may help you with this!
  • StefanM
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    Please contact support. Maybe they can help you. The system will not automatically recognize it anymore.
  • Try contacting support
  • Whizz
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    Hello William,
    I have verified your account and I can see the referral bonus was applied for the month of December.
    You can verify this in your transaction history.
    If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact our support:
    Have a good one!
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