Issues changing from Virgin to Fizz?

I currently have Virgin internet. It sucks a lot and I finally decided to change.
So I had a self-install scheduled for today. I was expecting a technician to drop the modem at my door and I would install it. Instead, there was a knock at the door and the technician entered as soon as I opened it. Explaining nothing, he walked into my apartment and looked all around. Then he said he'd be back, and left.
A few minutes later he came back and said that it can't be installed. He said that I have the wrong cable, and he can't install it. I asked what I should do? Why it cant be installed? What I'm supposed to do now?
He just said he can't do it and left. Great. Helpful.
Note: I live on the middle floor of a 3 level six-plex. There is no cable-room as some big buildings have. I had virgin internet installed when I first moved in - and although it took a long time for that to be completed, the technician was able to figure everything out.
I am trying to find out what happened, what I need to do next, where I go from here?
I tried to chat with someone from Fizz, but the chat options are not appearing. I have tried different browsers, no help. In one instance I got the ? button to appear, but no options came up when I clicked on it.
I tried messaging Fizz on FB chat, but it has been almost an hour without a reply.


  • Hi Markus,
    I checked the Holidays Hours, and Fizz support should be online today.
    Have you tried to reach them via Facebook Messenger ?
  • MichelP
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    During Holidays,
    You can send a message to Fizz by messenger.
    They will answer you later.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Markus,
    We're truly sorry to hear about this situation. I took a look at your account and I see that you were able to reach us regarding this matter and one of my colleagues has already further helped with it, I also see the appointment has been rescheduled for December 30th, between 12-17. You are also able to see this by going to My Plans - Manage Plan - Appointments.
    For information on how to view this on your account and more details regarding the technician's visit, you can check our page:
    We appreciate your understanding and if there's anything in addition we can further assist with, please don't hesitate to contact us:
    Have a wonderful day!
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