Payment failed but my card is working ?

I get a text and email about an hour ago saying my payment failed and I need to resolve this by 10 pm before my account is suspended. I call my credit card company and they confirmed that my card is active with plenty credit and that they see no attempt or decline from fizz. My account is already suspended, not even an hour after receiving your message and I just deleted and updated my credit card in the system as the same as before. This is ridiculous, not even within one hour of being notified and I get my account suspended and to top it off, my credit card is in working order, the problem is on your end.


  • Whizz
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    Hello Mark,
    We're truly sorry to hear about this situation encountered. Rest assured, I see the payment passed successfully for the mobile line for which you received that notification and the plan appears active and in good standing. You are also able to see that the payment was successful by going to My Plans >> Transaction History. For more information on how to check your transactions, you can take a look at our page:
    If by any chance you encounter a situation with your services for this plan, please reach out to us so we can be able to help and find a suitable solution:
    Thank you so much for your understanding.
    Have a wonderful day and happy holidays!
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