Top up a buddy, feed a belly counter does not move?

Gilles Posts: 1,297
Hello, I seem to have checked the donation counter yesterday or the day before and it was at 3006, I just checked and it is still at 3006. Either NO one has given data since; or fizz does not update this information. It seems to me that the minimum amount of transparency would be to update it twice a day. Ideally, that would be in real time, what do you think?


  • MichelP
    MichelP code de référence: YJRSP, referral code: YJRSPPosts: 8,730
    Hi, Gilles
    The counter of Fizz is not updated in real time.
  • Doesn't seem to be real time.
  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 788
    Still at 3006 as of Dec-11-2020 11:12AM.
  • Gilles
    Gilles Posts: 1,297
    I just checked and it is still at 3006
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 13,418
    Hello Gilles,
    Stay tuned... we'll update the page soon, soon.
    Have a nice day!
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