In the USA and after 2 days data is not working?

Hi there I am in the USA and after 2 days my data are not working working. I have 8 GB of data available on my plan. I can receive calls and make calls, but the data icon is not coming on when I am away from the WiFi. I have 5 bars for my signal strength. Connected to AT&T 4G /3G/2G network and none will give me data access. I have reset my phone and re entered the APN settings and still no luck. Everything was working fine for 48 hours. Can you please assist?


  • Whizz
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    Hello Philippe,
    Apologies for the unpleasant situation.
    Have you tried the suggestions received from Mike and Alex, in special the verification of the mobile data roaming function, to be sure is active and changing from AT&T to T-Mobile manually on your phone?
    If after making those tests the issue still persists, please reach us by either Facebook Messenger or Chat so we can verify the issue further with you.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good day.
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