How do I re-subscribe?

Aila Posts: 1 ✭✭
Hi so I got refered by a friend but forgot to put the referal code when subscribing, so I canceled my installation to redo it with the referal code but now even though it says cancelled I can't seem to re-subscribe and I even tried making a new account but it says there's already someone at that address. What can I do?


  • Mike
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    Hi Aila,
    you need to create a new account, for Fizz you are already a customer with that account
  • Lieux
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    Aila try after change the browser or in incognito mode. Be sure that your first account is canceled and perhaps change your email with a new account.
  • Chris_RefCode_AKTFR
    I would speak with a fizz representative
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Aila

    There looks to be a waiting/pending period while your cancellation is being processed.

    Please try again tomorrow with a new account.
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 20,122 admin
    Hello Aila,
    I took a look at your account and saw that the cancelation of the previous subscription was fully processed and that you were able in the meantime to subscribe again. I also notice that you were able to add the referral code as well! Rest assured that, once the internet is installed and your plan is active, you'll see the referral by going to My profile - Referral bonuses.
    If you need additional assistance, for all the information on how we can be reached you can check our page:
    Have a wonderful day!
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