The technician never arrived. Why do I have to wait for the next available appointment instead of be

Liam K.
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Context: when I confirmed the time slot on the website, I was sent a notification confirming that a different time slot had been reserved. I contacted customer service to rectify it, and while they did fix it within the Fizz system, no body checked with the (I am assuming third party) technicians that their system matched. The technician came on a date I was not home, and despite several reassurances from customer service, no body arrived or even contacted me on the date the my appointment was actually scheduled. Now I have to wait until the next day before rebooking another appointment. This issue of the technicians not showing seems to be a common one. Why are people who go through this not prioritized? How hard can it be for Fizz to take care of getting a technician round asap? Instead I am told it is my problem and they don't care.


  • Rowan
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    I think that you need to book a new appointment.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Liam,
    You've just received a private message regarding this matter.
    Have a good one!
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