features requested ?

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here is my wish-list to improve fizz service: some missing features, lack of security, UX to strengthen,
would be great if Fizz Inc. adds some useful features in regards of beefing up your service thru Qc:
* add multi-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent fraudulent and unauthorized access to account
* phase out facebook and Twitter as official support platform: develop a dedicated fizz support platform. (facebook is well-known for harvesting people data!!)
* develop a Fizz app on Play store and App Store such as banks where we can safely download and use all fizz services within the app
* phase out 3rd party authenticator (Google and facebook) : you put your trust on them )-:
* improve UX regardless it's chrome-based browsers or Firefox, safari etc..
* i dont like to store my credit card online : easy for automatic payment but greatly increase consequence from hacks
* your twitter account is sleepy and poorly designed : no reference to website, no green badge to validate fizz
* cannot update myself my email : painful process, time consuming and outdated !
* bill is minimalist with no details about calls, time, to, from ...
* fizz.ca can sometimes behave weird : we have some bugs which should be addressed asap.
fizz is much better than a year ago...when i got so many random disruptions, forcing me to leave it for few months...
now it s much better : no more drop calls, 4g is stable and reliable, sms is fine. slightly more expensive but still very competitive.
next steps : enforce better services and improve online security
hacks , phishing, fraud, data privacy, web flaws and vulnerabilities have to be taken very seriously !
i'm done. hope you gonna pay attention to my / our demands (-:


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