I want to cancel appointment but I don’t have the button?

I want to cancel the appointment of installation for my home internet but it’s not how it describes like you should see a reschedule or cancel button, I don’t see anything other than it’s scheduled, I just booked it yesterday now how do I cancel the appointment?? Facebook chat is never replied, is this company a scam


  • So_AR
    So_AR Posts: 776
    You can try messenger
  • Mihai P.
    Mihai P. Posts: 100
    Hi Tong,
    Is not a scam, is like it works. You have to wait 24 hours for info to be counted in system, and then you may reschedule or cancel it.
  • Mihai P.
    Mihai P. Posts: 100
    Hi Tong,
    Now is 24 hours more, so 2 days from your booking. Did you managed to reschedule/cancel your appointment?
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 8,273
    Hello Tong,
    Checking your account, rest assured I see that the appointment is canceled and the system also automatically refunded you the amount you have paid for the plan. It will just take a few business days for your bank to process the transaction and for the funds to reach you.
    If you need additional assistance, for all the information on how we can be reached you can check our page:  https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Have a wonderful day!
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