Why did i got charged for no reason on one card?

So I was trying to set up an internet plan with my visa.
Everything went well except the last step where it said "error, please try later" when I pressed submit or something like that.
So I tried four times.
I checked my credit card and they were charging 4 times wich is kinda normal... Anyway.
I stopped and asked a representative if it's just momentarily and she said yes, it will not go through. Today it went through and I got charged more than 200$ in total.
I'll try to get to a representative again tomorrow morning but I'm throwing this out, maybe it will help someone;
Will I get automatically my money back or I'll have to get to a representative?


  • So_AR
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    Contact Fizz by chat, they will help you.
  • MichelP
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    In the past, I've been charged twice for the same month and they have refunded me 2 weeks later.
    Please, contact The Fizz customer service by chat today.
    And ask for a refund.
    First, log to your Fizz account.
    Click on:
    Click on the green chat bubble when you see it down to the right of the page.
  • Whizz
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    Hello CARLOS,
    Apologies for this unpleasant situation that you've encountered.
    I've checked your account and saw that you've reached our support department, as Fizzy and other members indicated, and they've provided you a solution for this unpleasant inconvenience.
    If you encounter anything else, don't hesitate to contact us by following the link https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us with our contact methods.
    Have a nice one!
    Nicolae Bogdan
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