Why is my internet randomly slowing down to a crawl until it drops altogether ?

For the past few weeks my Internet has been dropping, requiring a modem/router reset with the following setup and checks done:
I am set up in bridge mode, so no Wi-Fi required
- Internet outage issues began since end of August 2020.
- Internet connection was fine since I signed up with Fizz in April 2020
- Internet randomly began slowing down to a crawl then quits altogether several times per day requiring modem
reboot or factory reset
- I verified the power source as well as the power source cable, the power cable connection, LAN cable, etc.
- A factory reset was carried out numerous times as requested by tech support
- Nothing changed regarding modem location, power source, LAN connection etc.
- My PC is connected via LAN connection only
- Power source is not an issue since I have other items connected to same source all well within source amperage
and no power outages or power fluctuations on router/modem of any kind
- I chatted with Fizz tech support several times and was always asked if I followed any of the above-mentioned
steps which I did
- I was hoping that Fizz, being owned by Quebecor, (same owners as Videotron), would have better tech support
- I would have loved to have given this start-up a chance and am fully aware that: “you get what you pay for”.
- Should my next step be to drop Fizz ?


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