Canceling home internet plan? Not Activated.

Hi, can you please help me with a refund? Today, the technician couldn't come in because of my living conditions and I need a refund, but I can't find an option to refund my payment. I don't want to reschedule my appointment either. My home internet plan is not activated and today was supposed to be the appointment, but I cancelled it, so it's not functional. Is there a way I can cancel the plan and get a refund?


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    Hello Bryan,
    I have verified and see that you've managed to contact us on Live Chat and one of my colleagues helped you further with this situation. The refund already appears on your account, you can see it by going to My Plans >>Transcation history:
    You will receive it into your bank account in a few business days.
    Please reach us back if you have any other questions. We are available between 8 am and 9 pm every day or any time at
    Have a wonderful day!
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